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One of the most important factors when it comes to planning for retirement is working out how much money you will need to afford the retirement lifestyle you imagine.

While some people will be fortunate enough to afford to fund their retirement from their own savings and investments, others will need to rely on a part or full Age Pension from the Australian Government.

As retirement planning specialists, we can help you to determine and forecast your income and expenses in retirement and assess whether you may be eligible to receive any government entitlements to support your living expenses when you retire.

We understand that navigating Centrelink and its various rules and restrictions can often be a frustrating and complicated experience so as part of our service we take care of liaising with Centrelink on your behalf.

Our existing clients highly value this assistance and consider us, as their reliable source of information or guidance.

Cherry Tree Financial Planning is also popular among UK pensioners living in Perth. Our expertise in relation to the UK State Pensions allow us to assist clients to maximise their benefits.

Our commitment is to help our clients in every possible way, including maximising all government benefits they may be entitled to making it easier for them to achieve their financial and lifestyle goals.

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